General Info

Height :  5'7"

Weight : 132 lbs

Position : Forward

Shot: Right

Birthday  :  05/08/2005

Class of  :  2022


School  :  Kuper Academy

My favourite Subject is English


Team Name  :  Kuper Bantam Team

Coach  : Martin Lee

If you're a recruiter or talent scout, feel free to contact our Hockey Director about potential opportunities.


#12 Keanan Dewberry

Bio :

Favorite subject in school:           English

Favourite hockey player:               PK Subban

Before KUPER

I learned to skate at the age of 4 and started playing hockey at the age of 5 where I played in the Pierrefonds league. My favorite memory in ATOM was when we made it to the Dodge Cup. I also played soccer for 5 years, ran track and field and took karate lessons for 5 years reaching a Green Belt and winning various Provincial Karate Competitions.

I’ve been involved in volunteer work where we deliver Christmas baskets to the less fortunate.

Brief BIO while @ KUPER

I’m currently in grade 8 at Kuper Academy. I came to Kuper in grade 4 and played for the Kuper Division 1 hockey team in grade 5. In grade 7, I played for the Kuper PeeWee Team where we won the Kuper Tournament along with other tournaments. Our team also made it to the finals at the Quebec PeeWee International Tournament (Scholastic Division). My favorite memory from this tournament, apart from trading pins, is when I scored the winning goal in the semi-finals. I am part of the Kuper Band and have been playing the trumpet with the band for 3 years. I enjoy playing basketball and paintball with my friends in my spare time.

After Kuper

My goal is to play in the USHL at age 16 or to go to Prep School and hopefully receive a scholarship to go to University in the US. I train regularly with my dad, who is a Conditioning Coach, and he’s helped me get strong, mentally and physically. My dream is to play Division 1 College hockey and work hard to make my way to being drafted to the NHL. 

Brief Family Blurb

My dad is American and he used to be an athlete. He was a quarter-miler and then a decathlete in Texas. He’s now a Conditioning Coach and works with hockey players, boxers and MMA fighters. He is also a Massage Therapist so I get regular massages after my workouts or when my body aches after a game!

My mom is Italian and she’s an IT HeadHunter. She is an avid ‘yogi’ and loves swimming! My mom makes the best Tiramisu and homemade pasta so she makes sure I get my nutrients to stay healthy.

I speak 3 languages – English, French and Italian. I’ve also been learning Spanish at Kuper since Grade 7.