General Info

Height :  5'8"

Weight : 145 lbs

Position : Forward

Shot: Left

Birthday  :  12/06/2004

Class of  :  2022


School  :  Kuper Academy


Team Name  :  Kuper BantamTeam

Coach  :  Martin Lee

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#16 Luca Martino

Bio :

Before Kuper

I grew up in St. Dorothe, Laval and played for Delta at Samson arena where Martin St Louis also played and grew up. I played Mahg, Novice, Atom & Pee Wee for Delta and had great memories including the winning goal I scored in my 1st year Pee Wee to win a tournament for my team.

Brief Bio while at Kuper

I am currently in grade 8 and I play Hockey, for Kuper. I try as much as I can during the winter months to help younger kids develop at hockey in the Laval area where I live.

After Kuper

My dad played hockey growing up and still tries to get on the ice with me as much as he can because I have no siblings and we both love the game. I wish to continue to play hockey for Kuper and will pursue my education and passion for hockey into my graduation years, at which time I will apply to a US Prep school and University to play hockey and continue my studies.

Brief Family Blurb

My mom and dad have always been there to support me and have tried not to miss any of my hockey games growing up! We are a close family and always do things together and everyone has their duties, mom is in charge of the homework and dad is in charge of the hockey. I try to do my best to make them happy and enjoy the time we spend together on road trips and vacation.