General Info

Height :  5'4"

Weight : 100 lbs

Position : Goalie

Shot: Left

Birthday  :  05/19/2005

Class of  :  2022 


School  :  Kuper Academy


Team Name  :  Kuper Bantam Team

Coach  :  Martin Lee

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#2 Rudy Guimond

Bio :

Before Kuper:

I have been playing hockey since I was 5 years old and knew from the start that I wanted to be a goalie. I remember my father telling me that this position got a lot of pressure because although goalies couldn’t win a game on their own, they could be responsible for losing one. In fact, being the player that can change the outcome of a game so much is exciting to me! I love the responsibility, the intense focus, the energy it takes to keep track of everything and the mental preparation that goes into finding that special headspace where I can give the best of me to my team.

Before starting high school at Kuper, I attended AVH, an international school where courses are taught in French, English, and German. I was part of the Lakeshore hockey team throughout my Novice and Atom levels. I remember how happy we were when we won the final against Beauval, securing our ticket to the Dodge cup! My best memory of this time is when we played in the Brick Invitational tournament of 2015, where I was recognized as one of the “stars of the game” in two matches.

In 2016, I joined the Lac St Louis Lions hockey team and in 2017, I was named “rookie of the year” and selected for the Peewee AAA major team where we got to play in the Peewee Quebec tournament! Later that year, I played for Team Canada East Select and had the opportunity to go to the World Invitational tournament in Bolzano, Italy. At this tournament, I was selected for the All-Star Game and had the honor of representing North America in the game against Europe.

At Kuper

I’m currently in Grade 8 and am very grateful to be part of Kuper. What I like most is that the school is academically challenging and hockey is integrated into the program, which makes it possible for me to continue developing as a player while allowing me to focus on studying. I enjoy learning new things and have maintained a High Honors academic level each semester since starting at Kuper 2 years ago. My first year here and on the hockey team, I got to play (for the second year in a row) in the Peewee Quebec tournament, where we went all the way to finals!

After Kuper

I love hockey and being a goalie. My dream is to earn a full scholarship in an American prep school or university and to maybe even one day play in the NHL or the European Hockey league.

Brief personal blurb

I was born and raised in Montreal and am trilingual in French, English and German. My parents, Lisa and Jean-Pierre, have always been very supportive of hockey and I’m grateful for all the time and hard work they have invested in me so that I can play. Other than hockey, what I love most is playing golf.