General Info

Height :  5'10"

Weight : 154 lbs

Position : Defence

Shot: Right

Birthday  :  05/06/2003

Class of  :  2020 


School  :  Kuper Academy


Team Name  :  Kuper Juvenile Team

Coach  :  Jon Silver

If you're a recruiter or talent scout, feel free to contact our Hockey Director about potential opportunities.



Bio :

I am currently in grade ten at Kuper Academy. Throughout the school year, I spend many hours participating in extracurricular activities and helping out the community. I play on the juvenile hockey team, the golf team and the lacrosse team. I am the youngest child of two and the only one who plays hockey. During my free time, I manage my time to help out my community and the school’s environment and to have the chance to hang out with friends. My goal is to continue my education in the United States while playing the sports I love at the highest level possible and succeeding academically.