General Info

Height :  5'10"

Weight : 165 lbs

Position : Forward

Shot: Left

Birthday :  10/22/2002

Class of  :  2020


School  :  Kuper Academy


Team Name  :  Kuper Juvenile Team

Coach  :  Jon Silver

If you're a recruiter or talent scout, feel free to contact our Hockey Director about potential opportunities.


#97 Liam Verdoni

Bio :

I am currently in grade ten attending Kuper Academy. Throughout the year I am very involved in extracurricular activities as well as community service. For example, I participate in hockey, soccer, track and golf teams as well as I help my community by servicing the homeless and helping out the people in need for countless hours. I come from a family which is very familiar with hockey as well as the other sports I play. My dad played hockey throughout his whole life and my brother stopped at a young age to pursue other interests. I am a very athletic person and it shows in every sport I play through my endurance and strength. I am also the oldest of two kids. My goal is to test myself mentally, physically and academically by attending prep schools in the states while playing all the sports I love at an elite level.