General Info

Height :  6"2"

Weight : 200 lbs

Position : Defense

Shot : Right

Birthday :  10/10/2001

Class of :  2019 

Team Name  :  Kuper Juvenile Boys

Coach  :  Jon silver

If you're a recruiter or talent scout, feel free to contact the Hockey Director about potential opportunities.


# 55 Abdoul Diouf


I have been playing hockey and Soccer since I was four years old. Since I first stepped on the ice, I have aspired to play at the collegiate level. I know that playing in college is a once in a lifetime opportunity that could change my whole life.

I am a right Defenseman, I have the size, I am agile, aggressive and I have stick skills.

I am a team leader and a smart boy. At school I always have a best mark and maintain a high GPA.

I want to attend a college where I can push myself in the classroom and on the ice. I am open to all options and want to ultimately find the right college match at the highest level of competition possible. I hope to become a significant role model to all my peers and make my parents proud.